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Statement Gold with BaubleBar

  • Posted on: 15 March 2016
  • By: Mick

I know that pretty much everyone in North America has heard of BaubleBar, but when I mention it to friends here I pretty much always get blank looks. I’ve been obsessed with BaubleBar since it launched a few years ago, but because they never had international shipping (even to Canada) it just made it far to difficult to get my paws on their amazing (and massively affordable) jewellery. It was a real shame, that’s the truth.

I Wish I’d Known…

  • Posted on: 7 March 2016
  • By: Mick

Although I’d held a few jobs throughout and prior to my university studies, I had this illusion of what the working world would be like once I entered it permanently. I imagined myself an uber stylish business woman (well-fitting blazers and pencil skirts a necessity, obviously) running from meeting to meeting, working long hours, and finally getting to use all that knowledge I (partially) retained from university. I imagined it would be the ultimate payoff after years of memorisation and homework. But the reality of the working world was a little bit less than what I was expecting.

Tips for Surviving and Thriving at a Professional Conference

  • Posted on: 27 February 2016
  • By: Mick

Last week I was a super lucky duck because my company sent me to Auckland for its annual Graduate Development Conference. An all-expenses paid trip overseas to a country I’ve never been to before? It’s like winning the corporate lottery I tell ya. The conference itself was a little bit different than what you might assume conferences are like, because it was only people from my company in attendance, and more specifically it was all new graduates (from all of the Australian and NZ offices) who’d just joined the company in the last 2-8 months.

I Wish I'd Known: The Value of Travel

  • Posted on: 25 February 2016
  • By: Mick

Today I wanted to change things up a bit, so I invited my little sister Alycia to write about something she wished she’d known (or listened to!) when she was younger. I hate to be the know-it-all older sister, but I tried for years to get her to see the value in experiencing life abroad, far away from home. It wasn’t until I brought her along with me on one of my trips that she really truly figured it out, and as a 23 year old who’s mere months away from graduating university, I’d say she figured it out just in time. Ain’t nothing like a trip to Iceland to change your perspective!